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Sample Policy and Payment Term

Shipping Costs:
1,TNT courier TNT shipping rates,delivery 2-4days,TNT is suitable for small cargo(less than 20kgs).You also can choose Fedex,DHL,UPS on your side for your convenience.
2,Aircargo,rates3-8USD per kg,delivery 5-15 days.suitable for cargo over 45kgs.
3,Seacargo freight collect(Informing us the shipping forwarder before shipping,and local charge is responsiable by customer),or freight prepaid(including the freight in the total amount while making the order,and we responsiable for the local charge),rates 80-170 USD per CBM. This type of shipping is suitable for cargo over 200kgs,or have big volume.
We ship worldwide!

Samples policy on Magnets:
1,If you have a FEDEX,UPS or DHL international account,we send samples for free by that account(Most of samples is 1-10pcs per type,some should be charge.It depend the cost of samples).
2,If you do not have such account and it seems not obviously a company,we can arrange the samples sending by TNT,with the freight collect.TNT local agent in your side will ask your confirmation firstly,and than we send the samples to you.
3,If you haven’t the account and don’t agree freight collect,samples and postage must be paid like normal order.

This samples policy was necessary to reduce the huge amount spent every year on samples.Thanks for understanding!
Note:high cost samples or samples amount is over USD10,we will requested you make the samples payment.

Delivery time:
1,Small order,normally it is 7-15days.
2,If quantity order,special products,busy production season,then please kindly contact our sales person.

Payment options:
1,T/T in advance(telegrafic transfer-bank order),for new customer,or small order, or samples order,or shipment by air.
2,T/T after shippment,for old customers.
3,Western Union cash-for small order or samples order.
4,L/C,for old customers,or big order,more details please kindly contact our sales person.

Remittance Policy:
1,Handing charge is needed while the total payment is less than USD3000.(not applied for samples order).
2,Magnetic field testing fee:USD3-5 per carton which happened in TNT or aircargo.
3,Bank charge is responsiable by the customer,for the cost isn’t included in the total amount.Please confirm the total amount in the PI(or sales contract) will be exactly reached our side.
4,Any shortness of payment,then the quantity balance would be applied.We will arrange the ordered quantity to balance the total amount we received here.
5,Packing by sea change to air delivery will increase extra for their antimagnetic field steel shield.To pass the airport magnetic field testing,package must increase steel shield.It is add extra USD6 per carton.

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