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These compact, yet powerful, Rare Earth lift magnets can be used on flat or round surfaces and contain an internal release on/off device that does not contact or damage the surface of the part being lifted. Permanent magnetic lifts also eliminate the fear of dropping the load being lifted due to power failures.

ON/OFF Rare Earth design Lifts flat or round loads ?Easy internal manual release does not contact the load ?Heat resistant up to 200F (94C) ?CONFORMS TO ASME B30.20 STANDARDS Lock On & Off Features

The new handle on the PowerLift Rare Earth lift magnet features a positive lock-on and lock-off mechanism that requires the operator to manually switch between the two states.  This prevents the handle from being turned only ”partially on” and giving the operator a false sense of security that the magnet is holding safely, or from being accidentally bumped to the “off” position, dropping the load pre-maturely.   


Lift Thick, Non-Flexing, Vertically Oriented Material


Load steel plate into vertical storage racks
Lift steel plate from vertical storage racks to horizontal machining centers or cutting tables
Lift steel plate or rounds into place for equipment/machinery manufacturing.


One lifter for both horizontal and vertical sheet handling
Reduce employee injury - Eliminate improper use of slings or chains to lift sheet metal vertically
Increase production time
No electricity required

Model Rated lifting strength(kgf) Max pull-off strength(kgf) W L H R Deadweight(kg) operation
PML-100 100 350 62 92 67 126 5 <=80c
PML-300 300 1050 92 126 91 155 9 <=80c
PML-600 600 2100 122 232 117 196 24 <=80c
PML-1000 1000 3500 176 258 163 285 48 <=80c
PML-2000 2000 7000 234 378 212 426 125 <=80c
PML-3000 3000 10500 286 458 261 521 218 <=80c
PML-6000 6000 19200 296 720 266 700 395 <=80c

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