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Ball Magnets is one regular shape of Rare earth magnets and perment magnets.

It is always manufactured via Cutting and grinding etc . 

Our factory produce and manufacture magnets according to customer’s design on shape, dimension, grades, coatings etc.
To offer you our Block magnets price,please offer the following details :
Magnets grade :from N35 To N45 ,

Magnets size : Diameter

Magnets coating :Nickel ,Zn,Ag,Au Etc.
Quantities: More mass order quantities. More Lower the prices. Original factory .

Grade N40, (other grades(see NdFeB Technology) are also available)
Coating:  Ni(Zn,silver,Gold etc are also available)
Shape:  Ball Magnets
Dimension: D6mm(customized dimensions are also available)
Material:  Sintered NdFeB magnet
Type:  Permanent
Magnetized:  Diametral magnetized
Packing: air packing/ sea packing
Productivity: 100tons/month
HS Code:  8500111000
Origin:  China
Application:  Toy Magnet
Export Markets:  North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, Oceania, Mid East, Eastern Asia, Western Europe

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