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Round Version
Diameter Length Diameter Length
Part No.    mm   mm Part No.    mm   mm
Up-R-100    25  100 Up-R-600    25  600
Up-R-150    25  150 Up-R-650    25  650
Up-R-200    25  200 Up-R-700    25  700
Up-R-250    25  250 Up-R-750    25  750
Up-R-300    25  300 Up-R-800    25  800
Up-R-350    25  350 Up-R-850    25  850
Up-R-400    25  400 Up-R-900    25  900
Up-R-450    25  450 Up-R-950    25  950
Up-R-500    25  500 Up-R-1000    25  1000
Up-R-550    25  550 Up-R-1500    25  1500

Other customized length is available


Square Version
Square Length Diameter Length
Part No.    mm   mm Part No.    mm   mm
Up-S-100-1    25x25 100 Up-S-100-2 50x50 100
Up-S-200-1    25x25 200 Up-S-200-2 50x50 200
Up-S-300-1    25x25 300 Up-S-300-2 50x50 300
Up-S-400-1    25x25 400 Up-S-400-2 50x50 400
Up-S-500-1    25x25 500 Up-S-500-2 50x50 500
Up-S-600-1    25x25 600 Up-S-600-2 50x50 600
Up-S-700-1    25x25 700 Up-S-700-2 50x50 700
Up-S-800-1    25x25 800 Up-S-800-2 50x50 800
Up-S-900-1    25x25 900 Up-S-900-2 50x50 900
Up-S-1000-1    25x25 1000 Up-S-1000-2 50x50 1000
Up-S-1500-1    25x25 1500 Up-S-1500-2 50x50 1500
Other customized length is available


1.For round magnetic filter bar,we have diameter 0.5",0.75"

0.875",1",1.25",1.5",1.75",2",3",4" for your choice.But the most common diameter is 1". Standard tube length range from 3" to 60"long.Square magnetic bars can be supplied on request.

2.Constructed of SS304&316 casing tube, it is equipmented with high density ceramic 8 magnets and high energy Rare earth magents to suit your application.You can build or modify your own magnetic separation equipment with individual magnetic filter bar.

3.Magnetic strength from 1,500-12,000Gs can be asked as per your requirements.For normal magnetic bar equipped with Ceramic magnets,which could give typical peak value of more than 3,000Gauss on the surface,and could be used up to temperature of 150C.For normal magnetic bar equipped with Rare-earth magnets,which cold give typical peak value of more than 12,000Gauss on the surface.

4.Fully seal welded with either plain ends or tapped ends to suit your application.

5.All of magnetic bars are waterproof.

6.Condition:Well polished.



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