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evermagnets Liquid Line Magnetic Traps are designed to extract the ferrous materials from the slurry or liquid raw materials in order to purify the material in the porduction process.Strong magnetic tubes filter the flow and extract the unwanted ferrous metal.The unit is simply connected to the existing pipeling via flanged or thread ends.Simples and easy accesss is possible using the quick release lid.Cleaning of the magnets is easily accomplished by removing the cover plate of the housing and sliding out each magnet assembly.

Construction and feature:
1.It is equipped with high-engergy Rare-earth Magnets.Diameter of magnetic bar is 1".
2.Construction uses Type 304 stainless steel.Type 316 stainless steel available on request.
3.It can be fastened by screw unts;it also can be fastened by band clamp.
4.Easy-clean type can be provideed on request.
5.All of magnetic bars are waterproof
6.Condition: Well polished.
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